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 I Theresa Mitchell started #YSEC mentoring program that promotes entrepreneurship in December of 2020 as a gift to my young sistaz on my 40th birthday . I decided that this was the perfect time to give more of myself to my community, living during a pandemic is new to all of us and it can be depressing so I'm here to bring knowledge and understanding about yourself . I'm teaching my Young Sistaz how to reach down deep inside theirselves to discover what makes you YOU. Young Sistaz Elite Club is a unique volunteer program that offers a rewarding and engaging experience for participants. We understand and accept our responsibilities, which is why we offer inclusive programs that are accessible to individuals from every background, and continually strive to advance our mission.


Young Sistaz Mommy Crew

Each one of our meetings are thoughtfully designed and planned with our participants’ ,and mommies needs in mind. We strive to provide experiences that are both challenging and rewarding to the moms as well because breaking down barriers and building a better mother/daughter bond is very important to me .



Immerse yourself in a program that feels like it was designed just for you! We have taken care of all the details so that you have an experience you’ll never forget. Get in touch to learn more and register.


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